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Office of Institutional Research

Communications & External Affairs

Jeff T. Johnson

Jeff T. Johnson This poetic trace was used in:
Guest Poem



In your version, farther crows west
Reflections hover overt trust
The gladdest versions megamelt
And counter to the surest facet

Ounce too free

UV waivers cap the tendencies
To woo the rigor extra evidentiaries
Known in latent nonreflective valence tapes
Remaindered by the tops of faltered whorls

For fine sets

Copper scar condensed by tepid barter
Irrespective of the last dun jar
The insight is the outside with a pallor
Reminiscent of the dedicated signifier

Sever rate nigh tend

And swan...



An extended see you're enjoying Lacan these days

Read the indoor range to cumulus conc if only languaged

Because the shelving towers fading shut tense followers

In the atmos glee, the transcendent series on third view

Friends with textual bureaucracies, word devoid of contends

Have the chords and the cords cords and chords out of

Necessity blocks itself swimming toward exits

Steving night solid, listening to the repeat

Button the scepter of lite carnal bricolage

Cont’d past diagnosis, a literary recipe for pastel pastry

Come around the back, in reverse, head turned into a mirror

Binding the aliosis behind the darn hey

Known in the shadow density, the cousin freely

Spousing rearrangement ferry because the cause lurks

After Bollywood, after democracy, after you inline reverence

Vs reference in the entropy ground to bitsy bouncy deference

The lyrical forever, demolition of scent factories declined

Before the eyes have it, the eyes and sends, the mollifications of de-fence

Times lesson browsers, darkening the hallow gens, tube ambience

Caw caws the mordant pits, leafing underwords

Creatured by drowsy fictions, dictionary bowels, simple syllables

On fire by similes, syntactically tight