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Kristin Prevallet

Kristin Prevallet This poetic trace was used in:
Poem 9: Love in the archive
Poem 33: Thespian p*ssycock


I came to the top
of this very same hill

(side piercing site!
o horrible steep!)

Well-flown birds call “surge! marjoram! marjoram!”

From here I conjure sight
and see how goes the world:
feelingly along
          with no eyes:
               (they’ve been
                    used for
                         flower pots)

  anthill spurts and coughs
     mice cock and topple down
        headfirst, then leap upright
      to hoard what’s left of the gold

    From here I see how goes the world;
              “i’the clout, i’the clout: hewgh”

I see madness and with a line of reason,
               trace the falling leaf —

with wild imagination wonder:
                     where is justice
                     when all hails the thief?



The state of love is impermanent:
            not unlike Wisconsin.

And not unlike the weather:
            always changing depending
                        on variations in the condition.

Lightning storms in the low wet hills:
            electricity from the ground rises up
                        to meet the moisture of the clouds
                                    the sky turns green, and then black .

The state of love is impermanent
            not unlike chaos:
                        a system whose state is highly sensitive to perturbation.

Or history:
            a synthesis of forces imposed in time
                        that fundamentally change
                                    the conception of time.

In such variable conditions:
            one day we can be living in the midst of silos, cows, wheat, and corn.
                        The next day (so says the economist)
                                    the flow of capital changes our rural landscape
                                                and money starts to flow differently.

The state of love is a force
            that changes how a system
                        evolves with time.

This is a permanent state of tumult
                        temporarily known as:
                                    whenever you are