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Dorothy Trujillo Lusk

Dorothy Trujillo Lusk This poetic trace was used in:
Poem 9: Love in the archive

Hi Dorothy,

Great to hear from you. Of course I admire your work! I’m thinking you don’t even have to send something else. This email you sent is a great trace! What the hell is the Beauty School of Truth?


On 28/06/09 4:29 AM, "Dorothy Lusk" <> wrote:
Hi Rachel!
Thank you so much for considering me among 'fine writers, artists and thinkers I (you) admire.'
I will see what I can come up with.
I may not be the bestest font of what have we here at this time as I am concentrating on getting through the gauntlet of the Beauty School of Truth and I am not very multi-tasky these days. When (if) I graduate in November, I will go off  Paxil and plunge into obsessive compulsive gnaw the inside of my cheeks get a book out mode.
Hope you can hack being a student and it's rat-arsed appalling that this is how you have to do it to live legally with Kate.
Much love to Kate and to YOU!
My daughter Lulu is now out as a lesbian and I am an old-fashioned mum, I suppose, as I think we should embrace our ambiguity and polysexualities but she is all flatten your rack and bum. Oh well. She has a lot of fun drag kinging and trying to pass as boy.
Your project sounds conveliptic and quite possibly capable of distracting the demons of the state and the marketing angels.
So, I'll try to send you something.
I loved the books Kate sent that you wrote and I'd already taken them out from the liberry. Hope you get $ from Public Lending Rights, if not, do.
Thank you again,
All Best, Dorothy Trujillo Lusk