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K. Silem Mohammad

K. Silem Mohammad This poetic trace was used in:
Poem 22: Failed poem about dead gay dogs
Poem 33: Thespian p*ssycock


I just noticed something funny … my dogs are gay
I don’t want people to thing my dogs are gay
can you suggest how I discourage this behaviour?

my neighbor’s dogs are gay homosexuals
they hump each other all the time
that just aint right dude
I mean, it could b 2 guy dogs
I need to know, dunno about u
is there any way we can find out if whether those dogs are gay or not

an interesting fact about an animal
some dogs are gay
especially if they hump the same sex
some dogs are gay, therefore I am not one

there are no bitches here in the dog community
because it would expose the horrible secret that all dogs are gay
the reason dogs are gay is because of cats
the cats have an undue influence on the dogs
this in turn is the key to why dogs are constantly sniffing butts

EMN likes dogs
his dogs are gay in the ass
EMN’s gay dogs
I hate Canada
Canada really sucks, eh?
burn, maple leaf, burn

peaple who kill dogs and wants a world without dogs
are gay flat headed no brain rednecks
and some realy smart dogs can save peaples lives

language frozen: dogs are gay fuckers
B-Sharp: dogs fuck gay people?
news: virtually all male dogs are gay
note: what’s wrong with feminists?
kill yourself?
you heard right: fuck the shit! damages
who femme sex animal?

please note that all of my male dogs are gay, yes gay
I love chicken and my dogs are gay
so have a happy turkey-loving Christmas adventure on Chicapoo Street

I think it’s funny how you wrote all that
well good night folks
since my dogs are gay I’m going to bed and cry