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Office of Institutional Research

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Jena Osman

Jena Osman This poetic trace was used in:
Poem 5: Revenga
Poem 11: She then flies to Art
Poem 37: Satisfactions are gaps in desire

Some texts on my desk:

from “A Call for Sociality” by Jeanne van Heeswijk
thing I underlined:
“Generosity projects”
echoes a colonial past
you could see interesting parallels between the withdrawal of government from many areas of public life and the demand for projects that deal with public space.
artist behaves as a missionary
where acting is the central point, not listening
the creation of spaces within which any person may speak. The key concepts underlying my work are acting, meeting, and communicating. These are all activities that demand that both the viewer and the initiator take on levels of responsibility.
community’s continued involvement for their sustainability
Scott Lash
At the heart of Lash’s idea of sociality is the return to point zero, the moment where the “I” ends and “the other” begins.
not just simply the carrying out or requesting of administrative services, but also the creation of a communal atmosphere. They view contemporary art as a natural component in this process of creating communal property—a home.
This process of dialogue enables people to build their environment in such a way that they become aware of the importance of their stake in the community as a whole.
As artists, we might manage to pass on tools, in the form or aesthetic questions, that allow them to reshape their world in the process.
nonhierarchical forms of distribution of resources
to create and implement an infrastructure or a network of support, which could foster such a dialogue and create the conditions for a critical discourse that illuminates the possibilities for social change.

from William Allen Whitworth’s “1000 Exercises for Choice and Chance”
If there are five routes from London to Cambridge, and three routes from Cambridge to London, how many ways are there of going from London to Lincoln via Cambridge?
Two hostile companies of 100 men each agreed to settle their dispute by single combat. In how many ways could the two chapions be chosen?
Having four seals and five sorts of sealing-wax, in how many ways can we seal a letter?
In how many ways can a consonant and a vowel be chosen out of the letters of the word almost?
In how many ways can a consonant and a vowel be chosen out of the letters of the word orange?
A die of six faces and a teetotum of eight faces are thrown. In how many ways can they fall?
There are five routes to the top of a mountain, in how many ways can a person go up and down?
Out of 20 knives and 24 forks, in how many ways can a man choose a knife and fork? And then, in m ways can another man take another knife and fork?
Our of a list of 12 regular and 5 irregular verbs in how many ways can we choose an example of each?

from Fantastic Four: Unstable Molecules by James Sturm
And then the epiphany.
I caught a reflection of myself in the window and I realized I was not merely an observer, but an active participant.
All of my data, obtained from a constantly shifting vantage point rather than a fixed position, is now useless.
A basic scientific tenet: one can only measure the movement of a body as it relates to other bodies.
I trusted you…
These unstable molecules can thus only be studied in terms of their relationships with one another, not as isolated units.
I trusted you…
It is these relationships, however tenuous and mercurial they may be, that bind our world together.

from the OED:
A. I. Atmospheric air.
b. fig. With reference to its unsubstantial or impalpable nature.
1692 SOUTH 12 Serm. (1697) I, Entertained only with the Air of Words and Metaphors.
radio waves
Experiments with pocket radios.
Factitious or artificial air.
marine air
fixed air
sparry acid air
inflaming airs
the future character of our republic as in the air