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John Stout

John Stout This poetic trace was used in:
Poem 9: Love in the archive
Poem 39: A tongue listens to a war


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Part two:

The Unfortunates

The Mezzanine

The City and The City

The People of Paper

The Blind Owl

The Ugly Man


Third installment:

Stimulus cash on its way

Harrowing 17-hour hijacking a hoax

19th-century president born in Canada? Smear campaigns arose way before

Spa of trouble for clumsy thief

Facebook status update: Privacy dispute is easing

How much is 3-month ordeal worth?

B.C.'s billboard beer ad falls flat for T.O. visitors

An ocean of questions as mystery ship docks

A 'first step' toward freedom

Suicide bombing rattles Russia

New fury over no-sex, no-food law

Visions for north are poles apart

Health czar urged for flu readiness

Hacker charged in big retail scam

The Arctic needs more than guns

Defective bank rules need to be replaced

Leave universal health care alone

Migrant worker misconceptions

No need for population growth

The real issue is book censorship

(=Selected headlines from Section A of the Toronto Star, Tuesday,
August 18,2009)


Fourth installment:

AMID the mystic fields of love
I wander'd, and beheld a grove.
Breathlessly still was part, and part
Was breathing with an easy heart;
And there below, in lamblike game,
Were virgins, all so much teh same,
That each was all. A youth drew nigh,
And on them gazed with wandering eye,
And woudl have pass'd, but that a maid,
Clapping her hands above her said,
"My time is now!' and laughing ran
After the dull and strange young man,
And bade him stop and look at her.
And so he call'd her lovelier
Than any else, only because
She only then before him was.
And while they stood and gazed, a change
Was seen in both, diversely strange:
The youth was ever more and more
That good which he had been before;
But the glad maiden grew and grew
Such that the rest no longer knew
Their sister, who was now to sight
The young man's self, yet opposite,
As the outer rainbow is the first,
But weaker, and the hues reversed.
And whereas, in the abandon'd grove,
The virgin round the Central Love
Had blindly circled in her play,
Now danced she round her partner's way;
And, as the earth the moon's, so he
Had the responsibility
Oh her diviner motion. 'Lo,'
He sang, and the heavens began to glow,
'The pride of personality,
Seeking its highest, aspires to die,
And, in unspeakably profound,
Humiliation Love is crown'd!'
- Coventry Patmore
(I've omitted the last few lines of this Victorian gem! -JS)