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Bill Kennedy

Bill Kennedy This poetic trace was used in:
Poem 27:
I don’t get it I don’t get it I don’t get it I don’t get it

Poem 39: A tongue listens to a war

Status Update: Petrarch

Petrarch is feeling very stagnant. Petrarch is rethinking his plans to go to Tommy Thompson Park today, given all the darkness and thunder and lightning and rain. Petrarch is thinking that the Republican Party of the United States has not only embraced its lunatic fringe, it has become its lunatic fringe. The same thing happened to the Conservative Party of Canada when it started taking Stockwell Day seriously. Petrarch - anyone know when summer is actually coming to Toronto? Petrarch god love post-teenage movies made by people exactly like me for people exactly like me that also have pretty girls in them. it's like porn for the whole soul. Petrarch @cramnarace - If you don't have a query letter follow-up strategy, read this blog post:  Petrarch will remind himself that "polishing" a paper while on the road is never a good idea, particularly when the archive under discussion persists in expanding exponentially. Petrarch thinks that the AC is on so high at my studio that I'm tempted to bring in a space heater. Come on, people! Keep it at a normal temp! Petrarch Take the car in for an oink change! What the...? Stupid blackberry. Petrarch Half way through final edit of Harness the Business Writing Process textbook. Hope to get it to publisher for set up before summer vacation, out for a final proof by end of June and into Amazon, Chapters, etc. by Labour Day. Petrarch is moving all my Android-related tweets (mobile dev and general robot love) from @dotster to @androidsNsheep. Follow one or the other, or both! Petrarch is back from the ASLE Conference in Victoria and looking forward to kayaking the Ghost. Petrarch May the Bloom be on your Rose this Bloomsday! Here’s celebrating Joyce and all the newly minted toads in my pond... their daddies’ mating calls are gonna be on my next cd, "Re: Visions"! Joyce would approve, or Beckett... Petrarch fun in the sun... now to catch up... manana. Petrarch is spending one more day of Greece and then I'm back home. Loved the sun but my arms are COVERED in angry mosquito bites :( Petrarch what do i do now, ellie? Petrarch : Yoda I have become. Frightened you all should be. Petrarch just booked his first indoor climbing session! giddy-up! Petrarch Is wanting to wish a very happy 40th birthday wish to all his cool friends who are turning 40 this year! Friends, 40 IS the new black and it looks good on you! Petrarch enjoyed his round of 18 on the links in Barrie today. OHHH so close to breaking 100. damn. Petrarch is a yellowbelt.  Petrarch thinks Love Guru is not as bad as critics said, but almost.  Petrarch burnt the popcorn.... crazy smoking burnt :( Now my whole floor smells.  Petrarch went out and watched Fanboys. Petrarch is cigarettes and chocolate milk.

On 7-Jun-09, at 11:11 AM, Rachel Zolf wrote:
For example, if the assignment is to write a sonnet in the style of Petrarch on the colour purple, there’s bound to be something inspiring in the archive