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Arlo Quint

Arlo Quint This poetic trace was used in:
Poem 5: Revenga
Poem 9: Love in the archive
Poem 36: The projection of the intimate into the historical


dawn doesn’t break today, the morning
early orange lilies blow. cut five cucumbers
white boat, blue boat two boats parked and posing
in the sun-struck wind
reminds me of you, Jimmy, out in Southampton in the big
lunar eclipse: the shadow of the Earth passed over the moon I
just wasn’t close enough, nor could I run

the air is emptied
short days: he’s outgrown them before
behind you the landscape
one quarter full of strangers

day is cool and says I’m just staying
the turning of the globe is not so real to us
and the myriad lines that criss-cross tell the story
“take” says the man at the store “the rough with the smooth”
a window to the south
another day brings back the sun and violets
and, not here, but not so far away, a scream so rending that
the day lives us and, in exchange, we it. remain at home.

a bright reality in the night sky
stretching past erased islands to ocean
starfish have no sense of time at all
stretching past erased islands to ocean and the terrible
and you can have New York. some present.
it’s time again. tear up the violets.
make light and shadows on themselves moved by air

the cool insistent sun of this changed day
over your shoulder into the future
the repetitions of the sea
March of fits and starts, winds, rain, spring hints
cloud: there is no mountain. let there be a mountain.
new places, the arrival in a station
look like the Masque of the Red Death, feel like it
the radio is still on looks like its time for one of our
weirdly, it all keeps moving
and you are left with infinite riches.
This is the morning; it’s wonderful. I can’t tell you about it.



would half-sure doom pour plenty hisses dawn pinko
a blank sea sand arose wade through assign sign line to say
thin sing-song true in yin in this thirst assurance of the ear
true this land for un yang letting a strobe flower like scansion
forswear this and force rings ever true healthy samsara part two
tears diluting your canal street daisy

heard the Z tangent
long shot of same glow tomorrow
plans in the drunken haze
unclear, the meteor showers

the most far send admission onward
transformed own swinging in the overture poem
the gun show in acid line further where each should blur
over one verse city lost south corona stayed in sure sky
sunless through delay falling ghost of drench the ground
more near, a superior spectre looked, and another
sent with brilliant flowers, New York City, remain missing

memory home is old news now
the moon people fake against the mainlanders
terra nova at stratosphere
what known well as here alights over there a certain time
plan drew all once again run for life
with the faintest idea haunted house tour
fair share assigns giving up in the country

which distraught sport in high life crayola
joy quota loan urge sleep for day so far
waste for non-terror molten gold
fizz lark through saint live-in tour yoga
the special fading ploy local realer than there
drop-stitch lesson forget a few breaks are fine
soy yoda dark wisdom, six knife tip hell, hits
salvation and more for learning to be less alone
on the whole leaning homeward
last resort steadies basic framework
over yon drink of water you can see the heavy heavy hearts



would you soon whore money witches pawn think so
they drink these and a strobe lays in a hi-fi mind to say
this is wrong you winning with the apocalypse so near
bullshit and no fun tanked letting half these martyrs fly handsome
for sick this bland hour sun over town tell me Pantera is cool
thus concluding the fact-finding mission

horde this here accent
drop-off your will to remember
stand in the thunk dark maze
lone fear for fill-in callers

a lost art plays the drifting smoker
was the sound ringing true an out-of-town trope
what becomes O haters lacking for some trees looser
of your early work to see love rough sort through the layers sick higher
not to cause or say rhymes the most with oranges
stupid behind free taste in storied death stand together
reformed UFO pirate rising early regains bearing

tonight at the coliseum
harmful train, regret, el diablo
till tomorrow at no such place
rig these free-for-all ages of the thought every single time
and you can trounce away underground
in the last trace damage uncontrolled fall
worth woeful ire to shut out undertow

last resort wrought from too-high pagoda
coy global downers reach for revolver
loathsome apparel with the flow
restart thru canvases more cowbell
decommissioning yr older feelings thin air
dropout social forget a few Bellevue signs
try out for toy killer, hire morgues of foil, wire
realization for more this drifting forth into sky
a sort of minor classic
goes to court living lonely sonnets
as its swan ego double you left day in plenty of exports



this is the visible and the invisible
played to dissolving each other today
long dream appearance of brief sleep
transcendental time hits the boundary
dream effect runs over its waking cause
including its dim conscious reach

a causal chain is free to be reversed
stop on a church bell
lands on an alarm clock
one year into the next

imaginary coast
has been over materialized
lately belongs to crystal raid
on former coherent morning
rescued by border elements
and another boundary
remains haunted

night at phantom exit
island against sky
at the moment

again number daylight cause
among the visible late
northern saturation moves

this brought down
densities on their own
the perils of the road
march in last splashes
their other world shows
special twilight
filtering a pattern
more for impersonal
vampire or astral corpse
minute personae
this ball of flames



this is
played to today
runs over

is free
one year

has been over
belongs to raid
and another

night at
island against

again number
the late
northern move

this brought
perils of the road



rain in June on record
having the wrong attitude
the swine flu, some late life
on its night sky, the upper hand
turned into half-thoughts
caused the building collapse

take examples for instance
the way one might give
drone army consideration
money damages a chance

how rare is a few days now
delivered clear from long walks
locked out in the slow faded pattern
native to this narrative region
where waking is to sleep as
one more line is the
last to let go

what kind of dream is it
when the iceberg drifts toward
birds, fifty feet tall, incapable of flight
housed in a man-made structure
near the North Pole and it starts raining
into a sense of dissolved bliss
forgets the first part of the question

welcome to Arco AM PM mini-market motherfucker
feel embarrassed when you “find yourself” dumbass
so obviously in the last lines of complete thought
letting static flow misplaced Orono anymore
or further north still living on the isle unresolved
cancerous air upriver with fluorescent glow
these particular specifications may exist
following the Friday night gem with words
take a walk in the woods and get ideas
pass out through recombined states
taken and not seen since local conditions change



good afternoon 4:40 this is difficulties vanish
the redemption and plane debris played to aubade today
cupid vs psyche in his first appearance delirium
fixed stars and no orb figure getting laminated order
for natural stars and airborne clouds over prepared earth had
two stars including a dense material thought

the end is free-agent
entered the broken world
lands with the night spent
finding four million dollars

the experience says a missing boater
has formed a chain of logical relations the time
that belongs to the controversial choke hold
former unseen something says Schuyler
breaks up and sunlight falls off the coast of Florida
descend to your studio darkening, and another
small northeastern town will remain missing

tonight at the coliseum
SAMADHI skate against California
explain chakras at single donuts
It still is. on glass corridors at complications
and absolutist evasion once again number one
in the latest at own brain death
Jesus moves up to fave five

report brought to you by hot springs infernal
hummingbird owners keep your hummingbirds
safe from the perils of the road
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pothole special you’ll get a new genuine
schizoid mirror world, spring song, discourse-
threads and more for just 54.95
clutch wildly moving forward
with reports every twenty minutes
this is storing my dream, glass-framed sports



good afternoon 4:20 this is John Minko
the Yankees and Astros played to a five five tie today
Chien-Ming Wang two innings in his first appearance of the year
two hits and no runs Yanks getting Astros starter Mike Hampton
for six hits and four runs over two Melky Cabrera had two
hits including a run-scoring triple

word is free-agent
shortstop Orlando Cabrera
lands with the Oakland A’s
one year, four million dollars

the coast guard says a missing boater
has been found clinging to an overturned boat
that belongs to Raiders linebacker Marquis Cooper
former University of South Florida player Nick Schuyler
was rescued today off the coast of Florida
Cooper, Lions free-agent Corey Smith, and another
former USF player William Bleakley remain missing

tonight at the coliseum
Islanders skate against Colorado
Villanova at Notre Dame
Big East basketball tonight on the Fan at 6:45
and UConn once again number one
in the latest college basketball poll
North Carolina moves up to number two

this report brought to you by Toyota
Toyota owners keep your Toyotas
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